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Ukraine | Andriy Olar

The winter literature camp began its work on January 2 in Uman, Ukraine, and included young people from different parts of the Dnipro region, such as Smila, Zvenyhorodka, Talne, Monastyryshche, Khrystynivka, and Novoarkhanhelsk; and, of course, young Adventists from two Uman congregations joined the efforts.

The leaders of the group are the young, dedicated family of Oleksiy and Iryna Tarasov. The team also includes Maxim Gryaznov and Arthur Nazarenko, students of the theological faculty of the Ukrainian Adventist Theological Institute who are spiritual mentors of the camp.

The purpose of the literature camp is to fulfill the mission of Christ: "Go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19, NIV).

Several of the youth told about the experiences they had during the ministry:

Oleksiy: "Today, we met a woman who was an Adventist (she attended worship services during the construction of the first congregation's house of worship); she bought two books. We believe that thanks to the purchased literature, she may start attending services again!"

Dmytro: "I also had an interesting experience today. We were distributing literature together with Angelina and came to a house where, as it turned out, lives a man who serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They offered him spiritual literature and answered his questions. At the end of the conversation, he did not buy books but decided to just give us money for literature, and we in return gave him the book Mother's Prayer.

Yevhen: "Sometimes it happens that a person doesn't buy a book, but when you tell him about the second coming of Christ, that God, as a loving Father, loves us as His children and accepts us as we are, you can see in his eyes that it touched his heart. After such communication, the soul becomes warm."

Dmytro: "Today, we distributed literature together with Ruslan and Vika. We met Lyudmila, who agreed to be interviewed. After talking, we gave her literature. In response, she asked us to pray for her in church."

Time spent in the camp is also a good opportunity for young people to make friends. In the evening, they have time to socialize, walk around the city, visit cultural institutions, play games, and much more.

Those involved in the literature camp are grateful to the two communities of the city of Uman and the leadership of the Adventist Church in Dnipro for their support and the necessary resource assistance. And the greatest thanks goes to God for His protection, support, and inspiration He gives to serve in His field.

The original version of this story was posted on the Ukrainian Union Conference website.