Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | Libna Stevens/IAD

The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s radio station was granted a national award by the government of the Dominican Republic last month for its positive contributions to health on the island.

The “National Medical Award”, a recognition granted once a year to doctors and institutions who perform positive contributions to society, was the first the church’s Radio Amanecer received for its daily program called “Let’s Restore the Family.”

“Let’s Restore the Family” is distinguished for its contribution to the moral and spiritual values that emotionally heal families and are required to rebuild our society,” said Dr. Sergio Solís Taveras, National Medical Award director as he presented the award.

The one-hour daily morning segment consists of a panel of family therapists who speak on issues affecting the modern family and take live questions on the telephone and social media comments and concerns from listeners.

The program, which is broadcast Monday through Friday from 9-10 a.m., has been running for 10 years.

Miqueas Fortunato, director of Radio Amenecer, says the recognition means a lot to the station and the church.

“God wants to see families restored and the fact that Radio Amanecer has been recognized by a scientific community like this commits us to continue spreading the principles upon which God designed for the family,” Fortunato says.

Radio Amanecer has been operating through the radio waves for 33 years on the island reaching 85 percent of the country, with 7.9 million estimated listeners, says Fortunato. The station has been running its FM station for four years now and ranked fifth place on a Gallup Poll held in May 2014.

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