Hugo Domínguez, listener of Radio Nuevo Tiempo in Paraguay, giving his life to Christ. [Photo Courtesy of the South American Division]

South America

"I found Hope through radio Nuevo Tiempo Paraguay"

After months of preparation, in the month of spring, 10 listeners and students of the New Time Bible School gave their lives to Christ.

Paraguay | Sheyla Paiva

The situation of many households during the pandemic was complex. Feelings of fear, anxiety and depression were on the rise, and in the midst of this situation Radio Nuevo Tiempo in Paraguay redoubled its efforts and continued to share hope in the midst of the health crisis.

Testimony of Hugo Domínguez

“At that time my family and I were going through a difficult time. My wife was ill and we were very concerned about her and her health,” Hugo said.

By chance, looking for a station that we listened to at night, the radio tuned into Radio Nuevo Tiempo Paraguay (97.9 FM). That night the preacher, Alejandro Bullón, caught my attention. With each word it seemed that he was referring to the situation of my family. It was as if he knew us and was describing what was happening in our life. There, I realized that I was eager to continue listening to his words of hope. Thus, every night at 11 p.m. I turned on the radio to listen to the Word of God.

Later I found out that he had other live shows. In these programs, I heard that those interested in studying the Bible could communicate with the radio program to study in person or digitally with Esperanza, the virtual assistant. That is how I began my studies with Esperanza, with the ¨Entre Familia¨ course, and upon completion I started with ¨La Fe de Jesús ¨ Then, Nuevo Tiempo Paraguay got in touch with the District Pastor, David Ramírez, who contacted a family that would help me to continue studying God's Word. Together with Ricardo and his wife Carolina, I continued studying the Bible and things already seemed very clear to me. I already knew the purpose that God had for my life. It was there that I made the decision to leave my past life behind and start a new life with God.

But now came a challenge: tell my family about my decision. The first person I told was my wife. She told me that she respected my decision, but that she would not accompany me to church. I gave her a big hug and thanked her for understanding. I prayed to God to work on her heart so that she would accompany me, since for me it was the most important decision of my life.

On Friday, September 3rd, the day before my baptism, she asked if I still wanted company to go to church. I told her that it was what I loved the most, so she decided to accompany me to the baptism. It was a wonderful moment! I gave God my burdens and received a life full of faith and hope.

“My wish is to continue studying more about the Bible and with God's blessing to also become an instrument for the salvation of other people, my family (wife and children) and teach them about His love,” Hugo Dominguez mentioned.

Baptisms and graduations with Biblical School

In the last two weeks of September, thanks to the personalized attention of the Nuevo Tiempo team, in collaboration with the district pastors and the Biblical School in Paraguay, ten Bible students gave their lives to God and many others continue with the corresponding studies.

It is an immense joy to see how the message reaches so many people, sometimes even in an inexplicable way. Where the reach of the radio should not reach, there are people who continue to study the Bible with us. In addition, it fills us with satisfaction to see the fruits of the effort of the Nuevo Tiempo team in Paraguay in developing the spiritual programs, as well as the educational ones that provide knowledge for our integral well-being, and to see the presence of the Holy Spirit using us for His work,” commented the Director of the radio Nuevo Tiempo Paraguay, Pastor Juan Marcos Vargas.

He also added: “Our greatest desire is that each listener can meet Christ more and more, love God above all things, and learn to listen to his Word. May your love for Christ [lead you to] a complete transformation.”

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site