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Mexico | Samuel Gil Soldevilla, Director of HopeMedia Spain

On July 16, HopeMedia Spain received the Arpa Award for Best Children's Album for its musical project EMOCIOLAND (

More than 30 media gathered at the famous "El Cantoral" theater in Mexico City to cover the event of the National Academy of Music and Christian Arts (ANMAC), made up of musicians, producers, engineers, and other creative professionals, with offices in Mexico and the United States.

The Arpa Awards are an international recognition of the artistic and technical merit of the Spanish-speaking Christian genre of music. The winners are determined by the votes of the qualified members of the academy ( The goal of the Arpa Awards is to recognize excellence and bring the world's attention to Christian music and the saving message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Samuel Gil, director of HopeMedia Spain, received the recognition after being nominated in the categories of "Release of the Year" and "Best Children's Album," finally being awarded in the latter category. It is the first time a Spanish, Adventist, European project has won this award.

“This recognition is for God, that we see how He continues to push us forward and love us more and more. The entire team does a job full of passion for the mission, and that other producers, musicians, and international professionals recognize the work of HopeMedia Spain is precious; that also drives us to continue creating useful content and sharing hope without limits,” says Gil. “It has been a spectacular opportunity to make known internationally who is, what materials we produce, and what is our greatest hope as Adventists.”

EMOCIOLAND is a project in which children (and adults) can learn to manage emotions: love, hate, fear, joy, frustration, sadness, amazement, shame, envy, and serenity ( It is not just a musical project, but a small universe of content and useful tools for each of these emotions:

  • Find music videos with catchy lyrics for kids, sung by artists Marla and Daniel Ludtke, Eliette Cavero, and Paula Gradzikiewicz.
  • Videos for families, including interviews with psychologist Maijo Roth and school teacher Alberto Gil, providing practical resources to channel emotions, with interventions from different fathers and mothers who tell their experiences regarding each of these emotions in their sons and daughters and how they managed them.
  • Didactic materials and resources for families and schools, such as class cards, coloring books, and the opinions of experts.

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