Heroes Reaches 1 Million Downloads

Heroes Reaches 1 Million Downloads

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Within about 30 months of its initial releaseHeroes: The Bible Trivia Game has surpassed 1 million downloads. This impressive milestone is a testament to the app’s popularity, yet it is the testimonies that speak to something more significant: its spiritual and evangelistic impact.

Elite Company

The surge past 1 million downloads has placed Heroes in rarified air when it comes to Seventh-day Adventist apps. It now shares a lofty status with EGW Writings (both versions 1 and 2) and the SDA Sabbath School Quarterly. Of course, these classic sources have reached neck-bending heights when it comes to spreading the biblical message of the Gospel in Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Those who have invested their time into developing, launching, and refining Heroes have done so with the expectation that it has comparable potential. However, by contrast, the Spirit of Prophecy and the unified Sabbath School lessons of the Adventist World Church primarily exist to edify its members, while Heroes exist to reach those from other backgrounds, religious or irreligious.

A Wealth of Resources

Through its official website (which is on the verge of 2 million page views), Heroes provides a wide selection of high-quality Bible studies and resources that stimulate the pursuit of deeper immersion in God’s Word. The Heroes and Hope Channel International recently joined forces to develop 41 Bible studies. According to Jef Nascimento, project manager for Heroes, Novo Tempo Brazil also created 14 different study sets. To date, students have completed well over 48,000 lessons.

Bearing Fruit

While the numbers are impressive, what the Church is celebrating is the number of lives that have been transformed through their interactions with the game. One such example of the impact Heroes have had in leading people to Christ is Daniel Geber:

“Before I met Jesus, I was out there in the world. I was an atheist,” Geber admitted. “Some college friends were having beers and one of them was a believer in God. He asked me, ‘Where do you think our emotions and thoughts come from?’ I was really impacted by that question.”

Processing that question for months led to Geber studying and ultimately accepting the validity of intelligent design. “I started watching Christianity-atheism debates and read their arguments. I ended up believing that God exists, so I started studying the Bible to know more,” he shared.

Key landmarks in Geber’s journey include learning about the Sabbath, coming across a job opening for Heroes (for which he was hired), discovering its affiliation with the Adventist Church, and undertaking Bible studies in preparation for baptism.

“The Heroes app helped me to have more knowledge about the Bible. The visuals are nice and it’s young and cool. It made me more interested in the Bible, and the team I work with helped me along on my journey to Jesus,” Geber exclaimed.

Vision Cast from the Top

Processing heavenly themes like these set the stage for players to be enthused and encouraged by the realization that Christ offers the capacity to be a real hero to anyone who desires it by faith.

Geber’s story is an emblem of the Heroes team’s vision: employing contemporary innovation to invite this generation to fall in love with and root their lives in Scripture. The tenor for this has been set by leadership. Pastor Williams Costa Jr., GC Communication director, crafted a clear objective: “to use games to proclaim the story of salvation to 3.5 billion people who play games. They need to hear about Jesus, so we must use every medium possible.”

Pastor Sam Neves, associate director of GC Communication and co-creator of Heroes, echoes and expands on Costa’s vision. He makes it clear that he and his project colleagues “want to inspire every player to give their lives to Jesus so one day they can meet Him, the ultimate Hero of all, face to face.”

The intended trajectory of Heroes could be expressed as “fun to fundamental.” “The Big Questions” is the cornerstone of the app’s Bible study resources. Through the course of his promotional efforts, Neves referred to Joseph and his brothers as an example. A player can answer questions on what kind of dreams Joseph had or what kind of coat he wore, then progress to thinking critically about serious issues such as forgiving someone who has caused great pain and trusting God to turn tragedy into triumph.

Beyond the Horizon

“We are also working on a redesign of the app, to make [it] more interactive, intuitive, and able to allow us to create these new features, reaching more people around the world, sharing the amazing stories of the Bible Heroes,” Nascimento explained. “We want Heroes to be a tool for people learning the Bible in a fun and interactive way, either via the app, Bible studies, on our website, resources, or social media.”

Although reaching 1 million downloads is quite an accomplishment, the Heroes team has no plans of stopping here. Nascimento indicates they are now aiming for 1 million active players and 1 million completed Bible study lessons. Efforts to achieve these goals include providing new questions, features, and game modes, as well as setting up a community dynamic.

General Conference Communications and Hope Channel have set lofty goals for Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game, which is available at the App Store and Google Play Store, and are actively striving to reach them. [Provided by: Heroes]

About Heroes

Heroes: The Bible Trivia Game was released on March 25, 2021. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Those who visit the official website will find, besides the impressive supply of Bible studies, the app’s history and mission statement, in-depth biographical profiles for the 15 Bible heroes featured in the game, insightful articles, more reports of conversions and baptisms, and other worthwhile content. Readers are encouraged to check out and download the app and invite their friends and family to do the same.

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