Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game, A Journey Through the Bible.

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Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game, A Journey Through the Bible.

After the great success of the first Adventist game app, Hope Channel releases new Heroes game in 2021.

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Back in 2013 Heroes the Game generated more than 10 million minutes of interaction with exciting stories from the Bible. Heroes was a pioneer game that opened the doors for many other Adventist games. Now, after 8 years, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and its’ official TV channel, Hope Channel, is set to release Heroes 2

You can pre-order the new game on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Three years ago, a study on the most searched terms on Google relating to the Bible showed that every 30 days, there are more than 250,000 Google searches around the world for Bible trivia, Bible games and Bible quiz. The study showed, of all the game genres, people are searching for Bible trivia more than any other kind. 

There is a great opportunity to talk about the Greatest Hero of all time in the language gamers would engage with and understand! The Seventh-day Adventist Church aims to use Heroes 2 The Bible Trivia Game to help every player to further understand the Bible and find freedom, healing and hope in Jesus.

“The Bible is the foundation document of Western Civilization but young people today know more about the comics stories than the Bible stories, says Sam Neves, associate director of communication for the global Seventh-day Adventist Church. “Heroes is a project that speaks this new visual language through a trivia game that brings these ancient stories to life. What happened to these Bible heroes matters. We should all know what happened to them so we can find out what will happen to us.” 

For the last few years an international team has been working to create Heroes 2, an entirely new Bible trivia game. 

Players will start their journey with Adam and Eve, the first heroes. As the heroes ask questions about their life, players start accumulating experience points. The more “experience points” a player has, the more heroes are unlocked. Players start with Genesis and end up in Revelation with John, the Son of Thunder.

Each game consists of 12 questions and the score is based on how quickly a player can answer them. At first, the questions are easy but as the game progresses the questions get harder. 

With Heroes 2 players will be able to challenge family and friends by sharing a simple link. They will have to play and answer the same exact 12 questions to try to get a better score. 

Heroes 2 will be available in 4 languages, English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, with the expectation of new languages being added shortly after the release. 

Along with the Heroes 2 game in 2021, Hope Channel will also be providing Bible studies. “Every player will be inspired through the Heroes Bible Studies entitled “The Big Questions,” says Vyacheslav Demyan, vice-President of Hope Channel International. “They can visit hopebiblestudy.org where Bible heroes will answer “What happens when you die?”, “is God real?”, “if God is good, why do we suffer?”... and many other tough questions.”

“We are also planning a game show to be aired on Hope Channel which encourages teams from any Christian church or school to test their Bible knowledge through the game.”

Church leaders and the game creators hope Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game will help children, youth and adults become better acquainted with amazing stories of the Bible. “We want everyone to realise they are called to be heroes today, just like these characters from the past,” says Neves. “When all is said and done, we hope the game inspires every player to give their lives to Jesus, so one day they can meet Him face to face.”

Some players are being invited to become beta testers and start their adventure sooner. Anyone can apply at https://heroesbibletrivia.org and contact the team at [email protected].

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