The South Pacific Division office in Wahroonga, NSW. [Credit: Adventist Record]
Australia | Joyce Taylor/Record staff

The Greater Sydney Conference (GSC) team is relocating to the offices of the South Pacific Division (SPD) in Wahroonga, New South Wales.

The move is slated for September 26–30 and will be temporary until new offices in Epping are completed. Operations in the new office will begin on October 4.

Patricia Goncalves, project manager, will coordinate the move to the SPD building, which is across the road from the conference’s current location at Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San).

“It is a huge task, moving approximately 50 employees and their respective materials, archive documents, and storage items,” Goncalves said. “The move is planned for September, but the timeline may be subject to change.”

The relocation is necessary due to the deteriorating state of the Shannon building at the San. Major renovations are needed to bring the building up to compliance with the building code. However, as the San has earmarked the building for eventual demolition, renovations aren’t economically viable. Instead, the conference has decided to relocate the office until the new buildings at the Epping location are completed in or around 2025.

This move has many benefits, according to conference leadership. Remaining in close proximity to the existing location, reinforcing professional relationships between the GSC and the SPD, and keeping funds within the church family are just a few of the upsides. 

The relocation also keeps the Adventist mission front and center. “The SPD has space in their building, and from a stewardship perspective, it is best to rent within the church setting,” said Pastor Alban Matohiti, GSC president.

Colin Raymond, chief financial officer for the conference, agreed: “Our membership will be pleased to know that with this relocation, we are supporting a fellow church entity by renting their premises rather than those of an external party.”