"Good Hands" warm others by giving warm clothes

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"Good Hands" warm others by giving warm clothes

The Volunteer Association "Good Hands" held another community event on September 12; 54 people received food packages and 60 people visited the humanitarian aid room.

Russia | Yulia Sinitsyna

In the humanitarian aid room, people could choose clothing for autumn and winter for themselves and their loved ones. People also gladly borrowed books - from children's stories to classics. At the recent Botanica Ecological Festival in Nizhny Novgorod, about 300 books were donated to the volunteer association, Good Hands, for distribution.

It turned out that there are a lot of book lovers among the visitors of the campaign. This interest was partly facilitated by the topic raised at the program. It was about education and the speaker was Vitaly Bakhtin, a clergyman. He emphasized the importance of having wisdom in order not to get lost in the flow of information. And if we trust God, He helps us gain the knowledge that will be beneficial.

Christian singer, Anna Bogatskaya, took part in the musical aspect of the event, and her daughter Liza also sang a touching song during the children's performance.

Healthy lifestyle instructor Nadezhda Pikulina talked about how to cure a throat during cold weather using hydrotherapy. All of the participants were given a small piece of linen fabric, which can be used for the treatment. The topic of hydrotherapy aroused interest among those present; many wanted to learn more about the use of water for medicinal purposes.

The use of clean water, fresh air, sunlight, proper nutrition and other principles of a healthy lifestyle are constantly highlighted on the 10-minute "health page" during promotions. One of the principles of strengthening physical and spiritual health is also faith in God.

The faith of God gives people the strength and ability to support each other. One of these opportunities was provided to the Good Hands Association in the village of Shaldezhka, Semenovsky District, Nizhny Novgorod Region. Here, volunteers brought 1.5 tons of warm clothes to the local social rehabilitation center for minors. Some of the items were also distributed to the villagers. The students also received toys, books, stationery and much more.

"Good Hands" has already carried out several other helpful initiatives in the villages of Komarovo, Kudma, Rumyantsevo this year and it plans to continue.

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