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GAiN Europe 2023 Brings Purpose

About 250 Adventist communication professionals meet in Montenegro with a common purpose for communication, media, and mission

Budva, Montenegro | Andreas Mazza, EUDnews, ANN Staff

On October 20, 2023, GAiN Europe 2023 officially began in Budva, Montenegro, right after the joint EUD Mission & Communications Advisory, which took place from October 16–19, 2023.

Around 250 participants, representing nearly 41 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Norway and the Middle East, and others from across the Inter-European Division (EUD) and Trans-European Division (TED), gathered to share ministry ideas, projects, and plans. Communicators also listened to various keynote speakers who highlighted strategies to improve the Church's efforts in communication, media, and mission. “Purpose” was the theme and focus of this year's event.

The Vision for the Advisory and GAiN Europe

In the last few years, the Communication Department has been increasing its direct missionary approach, bringing the need to plan, connect, interface, and collaborate more strategically and operationally with the Adventist Mission and Personal Ministries departments. In collaboration with the GAiN organizing team—EUD and TED Communication departments and Hope Media Europe— region's vision seeks to implement a “first contact – community – baptism – discipleship” approach through its evangelistic efforts. For this reason, investing in media ministry has been a focus and an indispensable asset to the Church in the EUD and TED regions.

“Each one is now not just a user but a producer of content. We’re all producers—both users and producers,” said Paulo Macedo, EUD Communication director. “We need to inspire, be involved, and train new digital disciples to engage in the virtual world like we always did in the physical world. They are one now.”

Collaboration with the General Conference

The event also experienced support from the General Conference (GC) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which sent large representations from the Communication and Adventist Mission departments. Guilliermo Biaggi, GC vice president, motivated the audience by encouraging everyone to be courageous and faithful because “the Lord is with us and will walk before us wherever we go—so we must not be afraid.”

Mário Brito and Daniel Duda, the EUD and TED presidents, respectively, were also present at the event and shared their personal journey of faith and vision for mission through media. During his presentation, Brito emphasized the fact that, without a deep, daily relationship with God, one cannot bear fruit in evangelism.

The event was also attended by other division representatives and attached fields (e.g., Euro-Asia [ESD], South Pacific [SPD], Ukraine).

Florian Ristea and Patrick Johnson, Adventist Mission and Personal Ministries leaders from the EUD and TED, respectively, were also special invitees who attended this year's GAiN Conference.

About GAiN Europe

For nearly two decades, GAiN Conferences have equipped communicators with tools, strategies, and ideas for effective ministry within digital communities. Since its inception in 2004, GAiN has evolved into a global platform for education, training, and collaboration. GAiN Europe is one of the GAiN Conference events that takes place every year.

This year's GAiN Continental has taken places in the United States, South Korea, and Montenegro. GAiN Africa is set to take place in Johannesburg in December. 

With its unwavering commitment to spreading the everlasting gospel, GAiN will continue to push the boundaries of communication, technology, and media to empower the Adventist Church in its mission to reach every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.

The original version of this story was posted on the Inter-European Division website.