Father-Daughter Banquet Strengthens Family Bonds Amidst Singapore's Demographic Challenges

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Father-Daughter Banquet Strengthens Family Bonds Amidst Singapore's Demographic Challenges

Research shows that a father’s love and involvement in his daughter’s life deeply influences her development.

Events | Edward Rodriguez, with ANN Staff

In light of Singapore's unique family structures, the Adventist Church in the region seized an opportunity to strengthen family bonds. The Family Ministries department of the Singapore Conference hosted a special banquet for fathers and daughters on March 9, 2024, at the YWCA, Fort Canning, Singapore, aiming to nurture relationships within the framework of Christian values, aligning with the cultural emphasis on familial ties in Singapore.

In today's fast-paced society, the crucial heart-to-heart conversations between parents and children are often sidelined, experts say. With fathers busy with work and children bogged down by the pressures of school, fostering intentional relationships can be challenging. Research has shown that a father’s love and involvement in his daughter’s life will help her develop healthy, positive romantic relationships in the future. The event sought to provide an opportunity for the fathers to intentionally spend time with their daughters and to get to know them better, making memories that will last a lifetime. It was specifically targeted at daughters aged 8–16 years old. 

Eighteen families gathered for an evening filled with specially curated activities aimed at fostering bonding and mutual discovery between fathers and daughters. Participants expressed thorough enjoyment of the event, with one father succinctly summarizing the experience as feeling too short.

“We strongly encourage families to have regular family worship at home and to bond with other families through family days, family camps, socials, and family care groups organized by the local churches. These will help strengthen family relationships, as well as connect with other families and learn to be better parents,” said Debbie Saul-Chan, Family Ministries Director of the Adventist Church in Singapore (SAC). “We received such a positive response from this event that SAC Family Ministries will host it as an annual event. A  mother-so program will be planned in the near future, as well as a program for couples,” she added.


In addition to the fellowship, the event featured a range of engaging activities designed to enhance the bond between fathers and daughters. From learning to tie neckties to sharing "getting to know you" questionnaires, expressions of appreciation, and meaningful conversations, the evening was filled with memorable moments. The program concluded with a touching commitment from fathers to their daughters, adding a moving moment to an already unforgettable event.

The participants looked forward to more such activities and gave suggestions for other activities that would promote family bonding.

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