Roxana happy with her children: Felipe, Pía and Derek. (Photo: New Time Chile)

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Family decides to be baptized due to the influence of Nuevo Tiempo Chile

Through an advertisement for Bible studies offered by Nuevo Tiempo Chile on social networks, Roxana agreed to study the Word of God and, later, was baptized.

Chile | Ángela Arias

Roxana Muñoz, (46 years old), head of household and micro-entrepreneur, lives in the city of Los Andes, located in central Chile, with her children Cristopher (29 years old), Ángel (21 years old), Pía (19 years old) , Derek (13 years old) and Felipe (8 years old). A feisty woman who has tried by all possible means to raise her children on her own, however, something was missing in her home.

In March 2021, she decided to accept the Bible studies offered in an advertisement sponsored by Nuevo Tiempo Chile on its Facebook page. Without knowing what it was about, she was contacted by Pastor Hugo Martínez from the "Biblical School" Department. During their initial conversation, she stated that she needed God a lot in her family and also asked for prayer for a very complicated personal situation.

A Bible instructor and brother in the faith, Eduardo Vergara, began to visit her together with the pastor, who received her with respect, love, kindness, and concern for her well-being. "We gave her a Bible and with the material from the New Time Bible School we began to study the Word of the Lord, along with her children: Pía, Derek and Felipe," said Pastor Hugo Martínez.

Little by little, Roxana learned more about the Lord and, with the guidance of Pastor Martínez and brother Eduardo, she decided to be baptized; her eldest daughter Pía, and her younger children Derek and Felipe also decided to be baptized. This unique and special moment took place on Monday, November 22nd, at the facilities of the Adventist University of Chile, within the framework of the Annual Council of the Chilean Union.

The joy was even greater for the family, when they received the beautiful news that Pía had been awarded a full scholarship to study at the Adventist University of Chile.

“I want to thank Nuevo Tiempo because it came into my life, it touched my soul; I asked for help and they came. I am happy, I never imagined this, ever, and I thank you infinitely. I am happy to have come to church, thanks to you, now to have been baptized with my children, thanks to you. Keep doing it so that more people join in and get to know you because it has been wonderful. Getting close to God has been wonderful ”, said Roxana with tears in her eyes, at the end of her baptism. 

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This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Spanish site.