[Photo Courtesy of the West Africa Division]

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Distribution of More than 250 Food Kits in Bouaké

COTE D'IVOIRE:Fifth edition of the charity day

Ivory Coast | Abraham Bakari, WAD Communication Director

About twenty young Adventists who were fellowshipping as servants of Jesus organized a beautiful celebration with the needy of the city of Bouake in Côte d'Ivoire this Sabbath, December 18, 2021, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The Prefecture esplanade served as a setting for this gathering of more than 500 people, half of whom benefited from food donations (rice, oil, onions, chicken, tomatoes, beans).

The beneficiaries were registered without discrimination and were from various religious backgrounds.

[Photo Courtesy of the West Africa Division]

[Photo Courtesy of the West Africa Division]

Widows, orphans, people living with a disability, and abandoned elderly people were at the center of this action, which amounts to a little more than 4 million FCFA.

Since the launch of this initiative in December 2017, when 50 kits had been distributed in Abidjan, the action gradually grew with each edition (80 kits in 2018, 168 kits in 2019, 200 kits in 2020). The other editions took place in Abidjan and its surroundings. This is the very first edition in Bouake.

Mr. Ngoran, representing the Prefect of the Gbêkê region, in his speech, expressed the gratitude of the authorities to the Seventh-day Adventist Church for providing such a youth ministry. "I think it is an act to be praised. That is why the Prefect has charged me to express his gratitude to the president of the servants of Jesus for having chosen Bouaké. Earlier, the pastor preached. We were edified;we were happy. He who waters will be watered."

The Church leadership was present and mobilized members for this great event.

May God be praised!