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Philippines | Jackson Claudio, Hope Channel North Philippines

The Seventh-day Adventist Church held its first hybrid GC Session in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, on June 6–11, 2022. Under the leadership of Pastor Sam Neves, associate director of Communication for the General Conference, the Digital Evangelism Initiative Manila Team is led by Ace Sintos, project manager and HR professional. A task force was formed for the 2022 GC session. The task force includes individuals from different parts of the world and other places in the Philippines.

The group's main objective is to maintain and ensure every update, comment, and result of the proceedings of the session, with the theme "Get Involved, Jesus is Coming." A historic performance was held during the general conference session this quinquennium because it was held for the first time on a hybrid platform, face to face and virtual, so every member of the church can also attend wherever they are in the world. 

The Digital Evangelism Initiative (DEI) team plays a significant role during the GC Session. This team was organized a few years ago for digital evangelism, especially for this session. Because of the pandemic, the session was carried out on a hybrid platform, and the various members around the world, particularly the DEI, played a large part in the event of each deliberation at the session. The latest updates and results were reported and published via different social media platforms. This is to make information available for everyone, especially within the Adventist community.

The Manila team task force is composed of 21 digital missionaries housed at the North Philippine Union Conference headquarters, which includes the Community Management Unit (or Pastoral Care Unit), which responds to the live comments from all social media accounts of the entire Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

The Digital Production Unit is responsible for creating the content based on what is happening in St. Louis. The design and scheduler team ensure and maintain the latest updates and results of the proceedings. The team includes the group's art director, Jef Nascimento, and with him is Bruno Hitoshi, head designer from Brazil, Roenna Sintos, CMU project manager, and other members of the DEI team in the Philippines. The DEI team will continue to carry out this mission to deliver each new event in the first hybrid GC Session and pastoral care work around the world.

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