Silver Spring, Maryland, United States | General Conference Ministerial Association, Seventh-day Adventist Church

On Sabbath, October 13, Adventist members from around the globe will begin reading through the Bible together. This is the third cycle through the scriptures for those who participate in the Believe His Prophets daily Bible reading plan.

In October 2012, this Bible reading plan was unveiled as part of the global Revival and Reformation Initiative following the 2010 General Conference session. Titled Revived by His Word, this devotional aid was designed to encourage believers around the world to deepen their spiritual experience by daily spending time with Jesus in the scriptures. 

Rebranded Believe His Prophetsin 2015, the program expanded to include a weekly Spirit of Prophecy chapter, with the intent that by the end of a 5-year period, the reader would have completed the Bible and selected Spirit of Prophecy books. On Sabbath, October 13, the Believe His Prophetsreading cycle renews—beginning with Genesis and continuing in the Desire of Ages.

Recent updates to the program make participation simple. Sign up to receive a daily email in your inbox or read it on the Revival and Reformation website; listen to an audio version of the Bible reading while commuting to work or preparing for the day; discuss what you’ve learned with others through an interactive forum.  If you‘d prefer to follow along in your own Bible, a schedule is provided on the Revival and Reformation website.

The Revival and Reformation Committee continues to receive positive feedback from around the world. One reader says, “It’s nice to have something encouraging and uplifting when I open my email in the morning. It points me to what is most important—my personal walk with Jesus—and gives me strength for the challenges of the day.” 

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