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Daily Bible Study Strengthens Christian Life

Project Revived by His Word proposes the reading of a chapter of the Bible each day. Initiative has been running since 2012.

Brazil | Anne Seixas

The study of the Bible is considered one of the pillars of the Christian experience. However, it can seem like an impossible mission when you realize the number of chapters and themes contained in its pages. That's why the Revived by His Word project was created to help those who want to go deeper, day by day, by reading a chapter a day. 

In 2012, the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church proposed the initiative to the different countries where it is present. At 1,189 chapters, from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, the first reading cycle was completed in just over three years. 

Pastor Bruno Raso, South American vice president of the Adventist Church and coordinator of the project, participated with two video campaigns, in Spanish, that served as complementary material to the study. Starting January 14, a new season will air.

These videos are available daily on the Adventist Church's official Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter accounts and can be shared with others. For Raso, in addition to the importance of reading and understanding the text, it is essential that people share this content. “If I don't share, I don't serve God's purpose, not only to increase knowledge but to increase experience with the message,” he defends. 

Daily Experience 

Starting in 2022, the videos will also be available on TV Novo Tempo programming, as well as a program on Rádio Novo Tempo that will be produced, in Portuguese, by Pastor Adolfo Suárez, dean of the Latin American Adventist Theology Seminary (SALT). Suárez already presented the reflections on each chapter on the official channels of the Adventist Church and will remain for another season. For him, the regular habit of Bible study brings benefits to the believer.

“Reading and studying the Word of God is essential to the Christian life so that we can hear the voice of God, know His will, and live according to His will. So when the Adventist Church promotes #rpsp [the hashtag on social media], it encourages members to remain faithful in what is one of the main spiritual habits of every believer. An Adventist who correctly reads and understands the Bible becomes a more effective and powerful witness of God's love, becoming involved in the mission of preparing a people for the coming of Christ,” says Suárez.

Marcos Souza corroborates the above statement after three complete cycles of participation in Revivados por Sua Palavra. "I believe that a church united in the study of the Word is a church filled with the power of God. It is amazing how God touches us and teaches us, renewing His Word in my heart every day," he defends. 

The content of the videos is also available on the 7me app, which, among other functions, aims to contribute to daily life and communion through reading the Bible and other materials, such as books from the Brazilian Publishing House (CPB), daily meditations, and prayer groups.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site