Czech Adventist Health Workers Launch Educational CD-ROM

Research shows that lifestyle impacts our health significantly, said the producer of the CD-ROM, Petr Skrla, Ph.D.,

Kromeriz, Czech Republic | Bedrich Jetelina

Adventist doctors and nurses joined with the civic organization Life and Health for a health convention held April 7-9 in Kromeriz. During the convention, Adventist health workers launched a new instructional CD-ROM designed to present principles for healthy living in an accessible, easy-to-understand format.

“Research shows that lifestyle impacts our health significantly,” said the producer of the CD-ROM, Petr Skrla, Ph.D., director of the Seventh-day Adventist health department in the Czech Republic. “The new CD-ROM is intended to provide the newest scientific information in an attractive format to all who would like to participate in propagating a healthy lifestyle.”

The convention focused not only on motivating doctors, nurses, and volunteers to be involved in instruction in the areas of healthy lifestyle and prevention of addictions, but also offered professional lectures and seminars.

“It is very important for all who want to work in the area of health to stay constantly in touch with the newest scientific knowledge regarding a healthy lifestyle. Conventions like this one are good opportunities to gain access to new information,’” said Jana Krynska, M.D., chief of the pulmonary department of Bata’s Hospital in Zlin and chair of Life and Health.

In addition to the formal presentation, professional workshops for doctors, nurses, and instructional workers were held. More than 200 participants attended the convention.

The NEWSTART(r) Program propagated by Adventist doctors and nurses was born out of the belief that human health includes all areas of life-physical, mental, and spiritual. The Seventh-day Adventist Church has promoted proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle throughout its history. Life and Health was established in the Czech Republic for the purpose of propagating a healthy lifestyle through instructional lectures, stop-smoking seminars, stress management seminars, and professional literature.