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Congress will point out ways to expand evangelistic influence on the university campus

Online meeting will strengthen Adventism foundations and individual roles in announcing Jesus' soon return

Brazil | Jefferson Paradello

New concepts, worldviews and theories that shaped and still shape human history are present in the curriculum of university courses. But how to proceed when they present arguments that conflict with the biblical worldview, inside and outside the classroom? Also, how can you look at this environment as an opportunity to share your faith?

The lectures and workshops of the Brazilian Adventist University Online Congress (Congress), which will be broadcast from October 15th to 17th, seek to answer these and other questions. The aim is to help those preparing to go to a university, those already in it, or those who have completed this journey, to overcome spiritual challenges, live and share practical Christianity, and influence others with their biblical values.

“We want to impress [in] the hearts of university students that we belong to another world, that we are ambassadors for Christ and that we represent another kingdom. And, of course, [we want to make sure] that they understand their significant role in the end times,” details Pastor Carlos Campitelli, Director of the Adventist Church's University Ministry for eight South American countries.

In recent years, several initiatives have sprung up within the campuses to strengthen the students' faith and serve as a bridge for them to reach out to people who have doubts about the Bible – and even prejudice – and would like to learn about it.

Therefore, the Congress wants to awaken and solidify in Adventist young people the influential role they can play in the academic community, as they are able to create bonds - with fellow students - that people who are not inserted in this reality might not have .

“We want the Congress discussions to help strengthen the identity of this participant in terms of their expectations for the future... but not just here in this [environment]”, emphasizes Campitelli.

Influence and Reach

In addition to lectures by experts such as Neuroscientist Rosana Alves, Archaeologist Rodrigo Silva and Sociologist Thadeu Silva, more than 50 options for workshops in the areas of health, entrepreneurship, law, theology, music and volunteering are also available.

However, the proposal is not just to provide subsidies for the student throughout their university journey. Campitelli hopes that this will be a legacy for their professional, personal and spiritual life. “They will soon be experts in different areas and places, and will use their knowledge to influence [those around them]. Therefore, their biblical worldview needs to be solid for the choices they will make", he points out.

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This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site.