North America

Christian Record Services for the Blind joins the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America

The organization's president says the decision "enables Christian Record to be more intentional in its partnership with local churches in North America, Bermuda, and Micronesia."

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States | Jeri Lyn Rogge, communication director Christian Record Services for the Blind and Daniel Weber, communication director, NAD / Adventist Review Staff

The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s North American Division (NAD) has voted to receive governance of Lincoln, Nebraska-based Christian Record Services for the Blind, a former Seventh-day Adventist world church institution.

The transfer of governance affirms a larger restructuring plan that was implemented in January of this year by action of the Christian Record Board of Directors.

“The North American Division eagerly welcomes Christian Record as the newest member of its ministry family,” said Daniel R. Jackson, NAD president and Christian Record Board chair. “We believe God is leading in this decision and are excited to partner with Christian Record to share Jesus with people who are blind,” he said.

The transfer does not affect Christian Record’s goal of reaching people who are blind with free resources and programs.

“This decision enables Christian Record to be more intentional in its partnership with local churches in North America, Bermuda, and Micronesia,” said Diane Thurber, Christian Record president. “Jesus’ ministry was hands-on. We believe God has enabled Christian Record to work side-by-side with local churches to find, befriend, and welcome people who are blind into fellowship, with the goal of leading these precious individuals to the Kingdom. We look forward to witnessing the blessings God has in store for this ministry, ” she said.

“Ultimately, the decision to transfer governance was to broaden the Division’s focus on compassion ministries,” said Jackson. “Having Christian Record under this Division’s umbrella of service-driven organizations enables us to work in partnership when training and equipping local churches and disabilities ministries leaders. Our hope is that this partnership will encourage NAD churches to join Christian Record’s ministry of compassion to help the blind see Jesus,” he said.

In addition to restructuring the organization, Christian Record will sell its building and relocate the ministry to a new facility in the coming months. Christian Record continues to provide materials in braille, large print, and audio, Bibles and Bible study guides, Sabbath school lessons, and unique camping experiences through National Camps for Blind Children.