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Casa Mia Retirement Home in Forlì, Italy, Expands Its Services

A new operational headquarters will open its doors on September 19.

Italy | Notizie Avventiste, EUDnews

The Casa Mia Retirement Home in Forlì, Italy, will soon open a new operational headquarters near the city's historic center. This is an important decision that rests on a solid vision.

"Since its conception, the Casa Mia Retirement Home has had the mission of providing a response to the needs of the elderly in the area," explains Fabian Nikolaus, director of the facility. "A customized, state-of-the-art response with high added value … always places the person at the center of every action and thought. This approach has meant that Casa Mia has tried, over the years, to take care of more and more people. In fact, there have been five structural extensions that have professionalized and qualitatively improved the spaces in its headquarters.”

With this in mind, the dream of being able to extend a helping hand and bring relief to more and more people has come true: a new headquarters. The center will open its doors on September 19.

"This new location," adds Nikolaus, "will accommodate up to sixteen people in residential mode and up to four people in day center mode. Located in a strategic area, close to the historical center of Forlì, it wants to offer a characteristic context for those who, for distance or due to habit, are fond of this peculiar area of the city. This is still with the same philosophy of caring for the elderly.” 

A very familiar, cozy environment will be recreated in the new building. "At the same time, the high-quality standard of sociomedical assistance that has characterized the Casa Mia Retirement Home over time will be guaranteed," assures the director.

Sociomedical assistance, catering and nutrition service, physiotherapy, psychology, animation, psychomotricity, social secretarial service, and transport are some of the services offered.

"These initiatives and many others are the results of taxpayers' signatures to allocate the '8 per mille' [religious tax] to the Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church. Signing for the '8 per mille' to the Adventist Church and the '5 per mille' [social tax] to the Adventist social work will support us in this new project and many more," concludes Nikolaus.