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Russia | Daria Khavreshchuk, head of the information department of the Adventist Church in Cahul

On November 21, 2021, an interactive health exhibition entitled "SOS I Want to Be Healthy", was held in the city of Cahul. The exhibition was organized by two Adventist churches in Cahul in response to an invitation from the city authorities to take part in the City Day events.

“At this exhibition, people of all age categories could undergo free medical control and, at the end, receive advice and recommendations from specialist doctors,” says Pastor Abel Khavreshchuk. More than 250 people took part in the exhibition, gratefully accepted the advice of specialists, and purchased books on the topic of health offered by the Adventist Book Center in Cahul. The impressions remained the best.

“This is a good, interesting initiative, especially for people of a certain age, for the elderly who cannot go to hospitals all the time. There is a lot of information here, and the advice given by doctors is ideal for starting a change in lifestyle,” one of the exhibitors from Italy shared.

“I’m 79 years old, but I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere,” said another.

“I am very pleased that we have made such a day when people can check their health. Let people get used to this, let them know what it means to take care of their health.” This is how visitors described their impressions of the exhibition.

The event pursued several goals. In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, the exhibition was also an opportunity to support eight-year-old Dima Batyr, who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

“Congratulations to the residents of the city of Cahul, and on this occasion, the Adventist Church organized a health exhibition, not only to present certain materials, but we also want to help the eight-year-old boy Dima Batyr so that he can regain health. We wish that the Lord would bless each of you so that you can rejoice in the health received from the Lord. May the Lord be with you!"

Upon completion of the project, the collected amount, which amounted to L10309 (about US$580), was transferred to the bank account of the boy's mother, and young people and teenagers sent a video message to Dima with words of support. 

During this event, residents of the city were presented with more than 2,200 copies of the newspaper The Hidden Treasure and more than 1,000 missionary books. Another gift to the city was 500 postcards with Bible verses and 700 apples with congratulations.

However, that was not all. After the end of the event, young people from all over the Cahul territory gathered together to have a delicious lunch in an informal setting and talk with Pastor Robert Lyahu, director of the Youth Ministry Department of the Moldova Union of Churches Conference (UMC), who spoke about the clubs existing in Moldova and shared plans for the near future. Overwhelmed with emotions from a busy day, young people set the goal that the next large-scale project, which will bring everyone together again, would be organized in the very near future.

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