Nick's family will fulfill a dream: traveling to the places Jesus went. [Photo Courtesy of the South American Division]

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Biblical lands are opened up in children's animation inspired by the writings of Ellen White

The trip will be accompanied by the reading of the book O Libertador, which talks about the life of Jesus and the places he passed through.

Brazil | Mauren Fernandes

Another season of Nick's Gift animation is available on Feliz7Play, the Brazilian Seventh-day Adventist Church's video platform. This time, it features a trip through the biblical lands. Since the first season, Nick has been immersed in the life and work of the American writer Ellen White. His grandmother presented five books from the Conflict of the Ages Series to him written in contemporary language. Nick already knew incredible stories, but after he and his family read the books, The Chosen Ones and The Anointed Ones, it was time to explore The Deliverer, which talks about the life of Jesus and the places he passed through during His earthly life. 

On this trip, Nick's family will see the places Jesus passed through. To accompany the adventure and bring curiosity, the participation of the Doctor of Archeology Rodrigo Silva stands out. Another character that will be highlighted in the season is Assis, the guide. He is a very curious character who seeks to find out how the family knew so much about the places and the stories about Jesus.


For Pastor Adolfo Suárez, the Director of the Spirit of Prophecy Department at the South American Adventist headquarters which focuses on the preservation and dissemination of Ellen White's literary heritage, telling the history of the denomination and the Bible itself is essential to maintaining the identity of the Church. “Introducing our roots to the little ones is a guarantee that they will know the history of their Church and thus begin to appreciate it. Value is only given to what is well known.” According to him, the main objective of projects like this is to cultivate a new generation that, in addition to loving the Church, loves the God of the Church.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site