[Photo Courtesy of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division]
South Korea Bible Heroes World Championship—An Online Gamer’s Trivia Paradise | Alef Sabuin

Do you enjoy playing video games? Or, do you enjoy reading the Bible? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you will absolutely enjoy playing Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game!

In the words of Pastor Sam Neves, the associate director of communications for the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, the concept of Heroes 2 is the “gamification of Bible study.” The online game seeks to both help people gain interest in studying the Bible and to make Bible study fun. Thus, Heroes 2 is for people new to the Bible and for seasoned readers as well.

The basic goal of the game is to answer a round of twelve questions in the fastest time possible. Upon installing the game, the player starts with Adam and Eve and then accumulates points to unlock questions on other Bible heroes. The player can also use power-ups called “Effects” that can be used to help answer a question or improve their personal record time during a game. Heroes 2 also has a multiplayer mode—the player can challenge another person by sending them a link to the game and their record time. Not to mention, Heroes 2 has decent graphics for a trivia game.

I had the opportunity to compete with 15 other players from around the world in the first-ever Bible Heroes World Championship in May 2021. The finalists did a good job in reflecting Jesus in their behavior throughout the tournament. The event was broadcast live and garnered thousands of views on social media. Non-Adventists and non-Christians also participated in and watched the event, resulting in a worldwide increase of Bible knowledge and interest. The event was won by a 14-year-old boy from the Philippines, proving that young people can be champions for Christ.

The development team says there are still many things to improve in the game, and they depend on volunteers to assist on their Discord channel. As of right now, the team is working on 1,200 new questions, three new heroes, improving game features, and translating the game into more languages. (It is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.)

In Jesus’ Great Commission, He tells us to “make disciples of all the nations.” Doesn’t this also include the “nation of gamers”? We are called to reach people where they are, and I truly believe that Heroes 2 is a powerful tool to share Jesus with the great online nation.

The online Bible trivia game, Heroes 2, is a free app designed by those at Hope Channel under the General Conference. The application not only includes testing knowledge of Bible characters, but it also covers “big” questions to challenge those seeking Bible truth, as well as an option for Bible studies and a 24-hour prayer team.

For more information go to heroesbibletrivia.org.