[Photo Courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]

At the 61th General Conference Session of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in St. Louis, Missouri, Barna Magyarosi and Norbert Zens were reelected as secretary and treasurer, respectively, of the Inter-European Division.

Barna Magyarosi, in office since 2015, was elected in 2001 as Sabbath School Department director at the South-Transylvania Conference in Romania. In 2003, he was elected as assistant lecturer at the Adventist Theological Institute, in Cernica, Romania. In 2005, he became a lecturer, teaching literature of the Old Testament. In 2005, he was appointed president of the same Institute. In 2010, at the General Conference Session in Atlanta, Georgia, Magyarosi was appointed Education and Family Ministries director at the Inter-European Division (EUD). In this charge, he is also chair of the Biblical Research Committee of the EUD. He is married to Noémi-Laura, and together, they have a daughter, Blanka. 

Norbert Zens, in office since the General Conference Session in 2010 served for nine years as the business manager of the Adventist Bogenhofen Seminary in Austria. In 2004, he became associate director for the Euro-Africa region (now the Inter-European region) of the General Conference Auditing Service (GCAS). He is married to Christine.

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