Zagreb, Croatia, USA | Jonathan Gallagher/Damir Posovac

Seventh-day Adventists are working “just for kids” in Croatia, according Damir Posavac, country director for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).

Literal “kids” are a part of the development program to establish a breeding herd of goats that is underway in the areas of Lika, Slavonia and Baranja.

“Every donated goat will have a kid within half a year which will be given back to the herd owned by ADRA which is kept in Dvor on Uni,” says Posavac. “This chain will enable a continued process of helping the poor in trouble. This is just one way ADRA is aiming to make a difference this year.”

In the colloquial sense, ADRA Croatia is also working for kids by re-housing families with children, for example a family near Pisarovina who are currently living in a transport container. In Plasko, a program is being initiated to rebuild a kindergarten for the local young children.

“Donations to ADRA Croatia come in very small numbers, but ADRA England and Austria are still active in sending clothes and other necessities for this humanitarian work in Croatia,” comments Posavac.