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Russia | Information Department of the FEMC

Together with the social center "Dobrota" on January 19, the Adventist Opportunity Ministry department of the church of the city of Blagoveshchensk, Russia, held an event to help single mothers. The church has been cooperating with this social center for a long time and this time it initiated the event.

The important point was that every member of the church had to participate. And indeed, there was a job for everyone: Each family prepared a present, single people bought fruits and sweets, and the Pathfinder Club made beautiful New Year's cards with biblical promises and best wishes.

Ten families received gifts consisting of food, treats, fruits, a variety of toys, beautiful sets of dishes, and cards. The pastor, together with the staff of the Dobrota Center, delivered the collected kits to the single women. Thus, each member of the church made an important contribution to the implementation of this action, which served as a uniting element for the church in such difficult times.

“It's great that we could please these people, and we got a lot of inspiration ourselves,” says Evgeny Solomko, pastor of the church. “But we also were reminded that people live in a variety of conditions: boarded-up windows covered with blankets, no amenities, no heating. We have seen once again that our lives are indeed abundant. We thank God that we can do some small things for these families and show them God's love."

This article was originally published on the Euro-Asia Division’s news site