Silver Spring, MD, USA | Jonathan Gallagher / ANN

Visiting educational representatives from Afghanistan have requested assistance with their medical training program as well as humanitarian aid after recent natural disasters.

In a meeting on May 23 arranged by Dr. Joan Coggin of Loma Linda University and by the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Global Mission department, three Afghani educators expressed their wish for help in developing their Medical School in Kabul, as well as humanitarian needs.

Dr. Maulawi Hamdullah Numani, the Afghan Minister of Higher Education, expressed his appreciation for the work previously carried out in Afghanistan by Loma Linda University dating back to the 1960’s, and, in particular, the contributions of Dr. Gordon Hadley, now serving in China. He also paid tribute to the visits of Dr. Joan Coggin, Special Assistant to the President for International Affairs, Loma Linda University, who has been exploring ways to assist in developing medical training in Afghanistan.

“We were approached at Loma Linda University to assist with the development of the Medical School,” says Coggin. “We have visited Kabul to see how best we may be able to help in the situation, and the process is continuing.”

Dr. Michael Ryan and Pastor Gary Krause of Global Mission have also visited the country to determine what assistance can be arranged to help the people. Afghanistan has experienced many years of violence as well as a recent earthquake and continuing drought.