Brasilia, Brazil | Carolyn Azo

Maribel Aguilar was devastated when she was diagnosed with cancer. For the first time, she opened her heart to God. “I begged Him to help me defeat this cancer and to give me the opportunity to live. I made Him a promise,” the 39-years-old women said. “If He allowed me to live, I would serve Him until the last day of my life.” Maribel began to pray fervently for a divine miracle. And, the miracle happened.

“Today I am cancer-free and I didn’t need radiotherapy or chemotherapy. God overcame death for me and, today I know that the faithful prayer is always heard,” said Aguilar. “Today my Christian life has meaning and I take every opportunity to talk about His message of love and salvation.”

Just like Maribel, millions of Christians are experiencing miracles first-hand as an answer to prayer, especially during the 10 days of Prayer and 10 hours of Fast, an initiative created by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This year, from February 14- 23, the Adventist Church in South America will focus on the end times.

On February 24, the Bible study will continue with the program “God First”, which will include days of reflection. During this time, each participant will be able to pray for five special people during the intercessory program.

Among the chapters in the book that will be studied, participants will find  find, ‘Called to be light’, ‘Devotional life and commitment’, ‘Enoch: communion and individual service’, ‘Wake up to action’, and  ‘The church at the end of the times.’

Bruno Raso, who serves as vice-president for the Adventist Church in South America says, “the project 10 Days of Prayer is a movement that seeks to make a change in people’s routines, and for those 10 days it invites them to spend more time praying for a specific motive each day, closing with the fasting day. We invite everyone to be a part of this spiritual celebration.”

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