Brumadinho, Brazil | Leonardo Salmon

On Friday, January 25, a large mining dam burst in Brumadinho, Brazil, flooding nearby offices and homes with wastewater and trapping cars and people under a sea of mud and sludge. The state fire department has confirmed that nine people are dead, 300 are missing, and multiple families are homeless. This accident is the second in this area in three years.

The Adventist Church's headquarters in the central region of Minas Gerais immediately mobilized to serve the families affected by this tragedy. While members prayed for victims, youth and Pathfinder groups, in coordination with regional ADRA teams, gathered groceries, food, and clean water to deliver to families on Saturday, the 26th.

To date, ADRA Brazil and other care institutions have already received enough to care for the homeless and the collection campaign has been discontinued. Search and rescue efforts continue for the hundreds still missing, however, and members maintain their prayer vigil.

ADRA teams will visit with local authorities to identify key needs and address new needs as they arise.