Adventists of Omsk continue to serve destitute and in winter

Volunteers aim to help make things easier for people to endure their hardships.

Omsk, Russia | Oksana Frolova

Throughout the year of 2017,  parishioners of the Adventist Church in Omsk, Russia, continued to provide assistance to the needy homeless.

During the winter months, nurses gave hungry and cold people warm clothes, shoes, hot food. During severe frosts, they are given hot food, tea with pies and non-perishable food.

For ongoing service, volunteers received thanks from one of the local entrepreneurs.

"When you look at such people, you begin to understand that people of this category of our modern society are in a difficult situation, not only because of alcohol dependence,” said one of the volunteers.  “Almost everyone has their own spiritual pains and their personal experiences about the inability to establish relationships in families and resolve unresolved conflicts. Many fall on the street, nurturing in the heart of resentment for their neighbors and relatives.”

Another volunteer noted: “Each of us in life is not immune from unforeseen life circumstances, so I want to believe that bringing this physical bread to people warms their sickened soul, and from communicating with positive people it becomes a little easier for them to endure their hard share!”