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Adventist Solidarity Action Serves and Shares the Gospel in Rehabilitation Centers in Ecuador

More than 500 people receive Bible studies in different centers located in four provinces in the south of the country.

Andrea Delgado and Norka Choque, South American Division, with ANN Staff
ASA team providing support at rehabilitation centers.

ASA team providing support at rehabilitation centers.

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“I had no hope for anything. I thought I had no way out and that God would never forgive me for everything I did in my past life. But today, thanks to the Adventists, I know the Bible and that God loves me and can make me a new creature. That has given me faith to move forward,” said an inmate who is being treated at one of the seven locations where the Seventh-day Adventist Church provides assistance in Ecuador.

A different approach is what the Adventist Solidarity Action in Southern Ecuador (ASA of the Ecuadorian Mission of the South) has carried out to care for people in rehabilitation conditions for addictions.

These centers, located in Guayas, Los Ríos, Manabí, and Santa Elena, have become places where the church provides material help, bringing food and provisions. These churches are also where the Bible is preached, and Bible studies are provided to more than 500 people.

Baptisms at the Bethel Rehabilitation Center.
Baptisms at the Bethel Rehabilitation Center.

One of these is the Betel Rehabilitation Center, which began being run by Ramona Mero, director of the Eloy Alfaro Adventist Church, belonging to the missionary district of Manta. She developed the Bible study “The Faith of Jesus” with the inmates and has been actively serving in this place for several months. Last Saturday, June 2, 11 inmates of this center were baptized.

Samuel Vargas, a pastor and leader of the district, mentions the strategy that the Adventist members have carried out for the work of evangelism. “Ramona came to this place and then invited the entire Eloy Alfaro church to participate. They were present, bringing personal hygiene kits and food for the inmates. The youth department of the church carried out recreation programs and youth services. We held Small Groups, getting inmates and young people to participate in spiritual and physical nourishment. One of the inmates who was baptized, having completed his period in the rehabilitation center, is now attending church and continues studying the Bible,” explained the pastor.

Moments of social fellowship at one of the rehabilitation centers.
Moments of social fellowship at one of the rehabilitation centers.

In this way, and by reintegrating these people into society through ecclesiastical activities, they have participated in different Adventist programs, such as Holy Week in March, which culminated with four people being baptized.

ASA organizes initiatives of solidarity and social assistance services with the local church. These activities are carried out by church leaders and members in favor of their fellow human beings.

The original article was published on the South American Division Spanish website.

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