Dinah is a film produced by the Feliz 7 Play platform based on academic studies that show the importance of cinematographic works for dialogue with young people and adolescents. [Photo Courtesy of the South American Division]

South America

Adventist short film encourages dialogue with new generations

The idea of the film Dinah was to talk to the new generations about topics such as sexual abuse, bullying and digital defamation.

Brazil | Felipe Lemos

Talking to young people about issues such as sexual abuse, guilt and even the possibility of returning to church after such events, is not easy, especially in the context of Christian communities. An interesting initiative, in the form of a short film titled Dinah, was launched on Friday, November 12th to help initiate these conversations. It was developed by the Feliz7Play platform.

The production tells the story of young Dinah. Dinah is a young adult who decides to go to a party in a neighboring city without her parents' consent. When sneaking out for this party, Dinah is sexually abused. Emotionally affected by the crime, she feels confused, guilty and constantly haunted by the memories of the event. In room 23, Dinah is attended by a therapist who helps rescue her self-confidence and hope.

Dinah is a short 30-minute film, of the drama genre, aimed at young Christian audiences. The narrative is inspired by the biblical account of Dinah, the daughter of Patriarch Jacob ( based on Genesis 34). Due to the theme, the film is recommended for audiences over 14 years of age.

Essential themes

The film brings up a plot that discusses sexual abuse in the youth environment. The 13th Brazilian Yearbook of Public Security, released in September 2019, recorded a record high sexual violence figure. There were 66,000 rape victims in Brazil in 2018, the highest rate since the study began in 2007. Most victims (53.8%) were girls up to 13 years old. According to statistics, four girls in this age group are raped every hour in the country. There are an average of 180 rapes per day in Brazil, 4.1% higher than that verified in 2017 by the yearbook.

The short film also puts into perspective issues related to bullying and so-called digital defamation. In addition it shows how young people deal with guilt and even the desire to return to church and have a meaningful experience with God.

Open dialogue

The Digital Strategies Manager of the Adventist South American headquarters, which the Feliz7Play platform is part of, realizes that dialoguing with new generations is not easy, but the conversation needs to be initiated. 'Sometimes the attempt at dialogue can be interpreted as a form of judgment and end up being rejected. However, when the message is transmitted indirectly, the results can be more effective." 

Dinah is an initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist church that was established to talk to the new generations, especially with those young Christians who have strayed from the gospel.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site.