Adventist Pastor Took Part In the Conference of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

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Adventist Pastor Took Part In the Conference of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

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On February 2, 2022, at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, at the initiative of the Commission of the Public Chamber on the harmonization of interethnic and interreligious relations, together with the International Islamic Mission and the All-Russian public movement, "All-Russian Interethnic Youth Union", a scientific and practical conference with the theme, "The role of the religious factor in the formation of an all-Russian civic identity" was held.

The conference was held with the aim of sharing experience and broadcasting successful practices in the field of harmonization of ethno-confessional relations; the search for optimal mechanisms for consolidating the efforts of civil society and the state in matters of spiritual and moral education of young people and the formation of an all-Russian civic identity, as well as the adaptation and integration of newcomer youth into the socio-cultural environment of the Russian community.

The following issues were raised during the conference:

  • Interaction of educational organizations and institutions of civil society, including those of religious orientation, in matters of strengthening all-Russian civic unity and preserving traditional values: experience and new approaches.

  • Interconfessional interaction of the main religious organizations in Russia in matters of spiritual, moral, and patriotic education of youth, as well as the preservation of traditional values.

  • Adaptation and integration of visiting youth into the socio-cultural environment of the Russian community.

The event was attended by 54 participants, including members of the Public Chamber, representatives of state authorities of the Russian Federation, public and religious organizations, expert and scientific community, educational institutions and embassies, coordinators of regional projects of the International Islamic Mission and representatives of the mass media information.

Pastor Oleg Goncharov, Secretary General of the All-Russian Public Organization Russian Association for the Protection of Religious Freedom (RARS), attended the conference as the representative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He spoke on the development of state-confessional relations in Russia and thanked the employees of the Administration of the President of Russia for helping religious organizations in resolving topical issues of their activities and for the fruitful dialogue between the authorities and confessions that is currently taking place at the federal level. At the same time, Oleg Goncharov noted the main problems that religious organizations face, and called for attention to the solution of these issues at the regional and municipal levels of government. After all, it is at this level that religious organizations have to solve most of the issues associated with the construction of prayer houses and their religious activities. A good dialogue with the authorities at the local level will contribute to a more effective solution to these issues and the strengthening of civil society. In turn, the leaders of local religious organizations need to interact more actively with representatives of the authorities and confessions in building dialogue and social service to society.

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