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Adventist Media Project Uncertainty: The Series Gets Two “Official Selections” at the International Christian Film Festival

Uncertainty was the selected topic by the European Internet Network of Adventists in 2020

Switzerland | Andreas Mazza, EUDnews

Uncertainty, among other audiovisual resources, includes a nine-episode documentary series about the life of people from different countries and cultures who are currently living with uncertainty. These are life stories of people who share their feelings, sensations, emotions, and perspectives of the future in the midst of a context full of uncertainty. The series tries to highlight the values ​​that are important when facing an uncertain future and emphasises faith in the midst of that context.

The International Christian Film Festival (ICFF) awarded the title of "Official Selection" for two episodes of the documentary series Uncertainty.

The first episode of Uncertainty, which has received its first recognition at a film festival, tells the story of Amy, a young woman who has had epilepsy since she was seven years old and wakes up every day not knowing when or where she might have the next seizure. On the other hand, a fisherman from the Amazon faces the most dangerous animals of that region every day. Every day poses great uncertainty, not knowing if he will come home alive or not.

The second episode of Uncertainty tells the story of Inna, an elderly woman from Kyrgyzstan immersed in poverty and with endless doubts about her future. In the same episode, Jahker recounts the uncertainty of living stateless, a drama experienced by thousands of Thais who are stateless—with no documentation and no future because of this reality.

Both episodes, under the overall coordination of Adrian Duré, project manager for Hope Media Europe, were produced by the Adventist institutions of Red Novo Tempo, British Union Conference, Hope Channel Southeast Asia, and Hope Media Central Asia.

About the Uncertainty Project

Uncertainty was the selected topic by the Global Adventist Innovation Network in Europe (GAiN EUROPE) in 2020, once the Fathers project was finished. GAiN's Uncertainty project took two years of production, considering the circumstances experienced during the pandemic. As a result, more than 40 audiovisual resources were created and produced during that time, with the participation of several media centres and production teams from practically all the continents.

GAiN Europe

All network projects initiated, created and produced, by GAiN Europe follow the "potluck model", which is based on the collaboration of each participant, partner, or production team. Each participant (media centre or media entity), by agreeing to be part of a project, agrees to collaborate with one of the productions and be part of the project as its official producers. Currently, a large number of media centres or entities are working on the new topic for the 2022 network project: happiness. It will be officially presented and launched in October 2022, at the next GAiN Europe meeting in Bucharest, Romania.

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