Adventist Media Project Fathers Nominated at the Most Prominent Christian Film Festival in the World

Adventist Media Project Fathers Nominated at the Most Prominent Christian Film Festival in the World

Fathers, a documentary showing how different and yet similar fathers are worldwide, has been recently nominated in the “Best Documentary” category at the International Christian Film and Music Festival (ICFF), the most prominent Christian film festival in the world. The ICFF is a not-for-profit organization that launched on September 15, 2011. One of the goals of this festival is to elevate, educate, and promote Christian filmmakers and artists around the world. 

"The possibility of obtaining nominations or recognition at film festivals is very important to give visibility to the network projects and to the wonderful message of hope that these productions have,” explained Adrian Duré, the Fathers project leader. “It's not about getting an award or not; it's not about winning more money or not; it is about being able to reach other audiences and expand the possibility of reaching many people with a positive and hopeful message.”

Fathers, an intercultural documentary about the meaning of being a father in today’s society, is the result of a joint production between six different media centers of the Adventist Church in six different countries. Under the direction of Adrian Duré, filmmaker and documentarian for Hope Media Europe, and with the special participation of Hope Media Spain, Home Channel Korea, Esperanza TV Inter-America, Hope Channel MENA, SID Media, and Adventist Media Australia, Fathers has obtained more than a dozen "official selections" and nominations in the last three years and a special award obtained in 2019 at the Religion Today Film Festival, in Trento, Italy.

It should be noted that the Fathers film is only a portion of a series of audiovisual productions that have been produced as part of the Global Adventist Internet Network (GAiN) projects in Europe in 2019.

Fathers also includes a book composed of various articles written by specialists in parenting. It is important to highlight that since 2017, the GAiN Europe network has been committed to selecting a special topic each year and working together in the creation and production of resources focused on the chosen topic. Such initiatives have been promoted and are strongly supported by the Inter-European Division (EUD), Trans-European Division (TED), and Hope Media Europe. These initiatives also have a strong support in the coordination and production of content from the South American Division (SAD), Inter-American Division (IAD), and North American Division (NAD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

In addition to receiving more than a dozen nominations and awards at film festivals, it is worth noting that Fathers has been translated into nearly ten languages ​​and is currently used in different countries around the world.

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