[Photo Courtesy of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists]
Zambia | Noel Sibanda, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Zambia has a new president. UnitedParty for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has been declared the winner of the 2021 Presidential General Election.

Zambia’s newly elected president, His Excellency, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, is a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in regular standing. He was baptized with some of his family members in 2019 by Pastor Hamilton Mulendema in Lusaka, while his wife, Mutinta Hichilema, has been a baptized member for much longer.

Hichilema's membership is in the Chilanga Mission District of Lusaka Conference, part of the Southern Zambia Union Conference located in the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID). The family is blessed with three children: two boys and one girl.

What is more interesting about his Christian journey is that even at the height of his political career and pursuits of seeking public office to serve the nation as a Republican president, he never gave up on his God and has been attending services and gracing many church functions.

Notably, after an entire year of studying the Master Guide course and meeting the requirements, he and his wife got invested as Master Guides on 12 December, 2020, at a colourful investiture that was organized by Pastor Mwendabai Mwendabai, Lusaka Conference Youth Ministries director, and his executive. Over 200 other Master Guides were also invested during the same occasion. The investing officer was Pastor Webster Silungwe, Southern Zambia Union Youth Ministries director. Hichilema' s investiture as a master guide is a sign that he has a heart for young people.

Having been elected as President of Zambia, Hichilema needs the prayers of the saints for him to take up his sacred, highest position in the nation, that through the grace of the Lord, he will execute all his duties with distinction.