Adventist Education Promotes Solidarity in Anniversary Celebration

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Adventist Education Promotes Solidarity in Anniversary Celebration

With 125 years of history in Brazil, the education network now has more than 500 institutions across the country, offering from basic education to postgraduate education

Brazil | Vanessa Arba

The Adventist Education network is celebrating 125 years of history in Brazil. To celebrate this milestone, all basic education units in the network were engaged in a solidarity campaign that aimed to collect 125 tons of food, to be donated to needy families and social assistance institutions across the country.

In total, 206,000 students from 492 school units across Brazil participated in the campaign. Projects and campaigns like this one, which aim to contribute to the well-being of the community, are a routine part of all Adventist educational institutions. For the director of the network in South America, Antônio Marcos Alves, "education is only complete when it fulfills a social role, of forming altruistic citizens who are committed to their neighbors".

Birthday party

The first Saturday in October, when Adventist Education Day is traditionally celebrated, was marked by a special celebration. The event was broadcast over the internet from the Brazilian Publishing House (CPB), the publisher where the teaching materials used by the teaching network are produced. In it, the results of the campaign were disclosed and the food collected was also distributed on this day.

The program emphasizes the trajectory of Adventist Education in Brazil. Its objective was to memorialize the historical landmarks in each region, such as the inauguration of the first network unit in the country – Colégio Internacional – in Curitiba, in 1896. The purposes and values ​​that guided the system were also highlighted. To watch the program, you may visit the Adventist Education Brazil channel on Youtube.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site