A member of the Adventist Church in Colina delivers a bag of food to a neighbor. (Photo: Jorge Atalido)
Chile | Maribel Gastelum

Over the course of six hours, more than 1,000 people attended the free health fair held by the Adventist churches of Colina, located north of the Santiago Metropolitan Region of Chile.

The event, which was supported by the Municipality of Colina, had the objective of benefiting the community by offering different free services, such as haircuts, massages, nutrition, food delivery, cardiology medical consultations, traumatology, family medicine, and speech therapy, among others.

One of the stands most visited by the participants was the Gardening and Crops stand, in which they were taught about the implementation and care of a home garden, with the possibility of being used even by those who live in apartments. In addition, they were instructed on natural compost, plant care, and many more skills and principles.

Attendees participating in the Gardening and Crops stand. (Photo: Jorge Atalido)

Attendees participating in the Gardening and Crops stand. (Photo: Jorge Atalido)

Pastor Israel Jaramillo, president of the Adventist Church in Santiago, attended the activity and mentioned the event “has been a great blessing. See how in the district of Colina, the Adventist Church is present in the community, to the point that the mayor has given the place [and] lent some utensils to carry out this activity. We are very happy with what the church is doing in this place.”

At the fair, 70 baskets of basic necessities for vulnerable families and more than 700 toys were distributed. The children who attended were able to enjoy a Bible school attended by professionals in the area of ​​education, who shared stories from the Bible in a playful way.

Rafael Rojas, who is pastor of the churches that organized the health fair, mentioned “the idea of ​​this mega-fair is to bring people social, spiritual, and also medical help, for which we have professionals from many areas. The idea is to do practical evangelism. We have organized the six churches in the Colina district, and in each community, we have done the same.”

On the other hand, Lady Lobos, who was in charge of coordinating this event, commented that these activities have generated a great impact on the community due to the service provided by the church. “The name of the Adventist Church has been [lifted] high and is recognized in the community as a church that supports the [people] and the community.”

Attendees had the opportunity to enroll in 15 different courses that will begin in the coming weeks, including basic mechanics, massages, healthy cooking, hairdressing, crafts, and sign language, among others. These instances are created by the Adventist Church with the objective of benefiting the communities in which they are inserted, wishing to show their neighbors the love of Christ and that, little by little, they can know the message of salvation and accept Jesus as their Savior.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site