Silver Spring, Maryland, USA | Bettina Krause / ANN

The Adventist Church communication department, in cooperation with the Review and Herald Publishing Association, has launched a project to make daily devotionals, written by favorite Adventist authors, available to web site visitors and subscribers. “A different devotional each day, from one of the Review and Herald’s seven most popular devotional books, can be viewed by going to,” says John Beckett, assistant director in the Church’s communication department and webmaster for the Church site. “It will give people the opportunity to sample a wide range of different devotional books, and decide which one is best for them, as well as introduce Adventist devotionals to the large number of non-Adventists who visit our site.” Beckett says that web site visitors can also subscribe to a list that will deliver each day’s selection to their e-mail inbox. Titles of the featured books include Christ Triumphant, a senior devotional; God Who?, a young adults’ publication; Surprise Me!, a teen devotional; Mike’s World, for juniors; and Faith That Works, designed for evening worships.