Silver Spring, Maryland, United States | Fylvia Fowler Kline, Vivid Faith

The Seventh-day Adventist Church launches VividFaith to connect people with mission opportunities. This service will be available as a website and an app. 

Expanding on existing models of online volunteer recruitment such as Adventist Volunteer Services (AVS), VividFaith redefines mission service to include more than short- and long-term opportunities overseas. 

“VividFaith is going to enhance our understanding of service and Adventist lifestyle,” says G T Ng, Executive Secretary of the Adventist Church. “Service should be more than something we do once in a while, or as a break from college, or after retirement. As Adventist Christians we must always be engaged in reflecting Jesus in word and action. And VividFaith is going to help us do more of that.” 

VividFaith is based on the premise that through service we can share one’s faith. When we on projects with neighbors and friends our lives in Jesus are seen in practical, relevant ways. 

As an app available for anyone to download and use, VividFaith will be way for people to observe, understand, and experience the Adventist lifestyle—and also join the Church. While not all users will meet the criteria for mission assignments, they can read about experiences, browse through assignments and vicariously experience mission service. 

VividFaith will offer the following features, some of which will only be in later versions: 

Service opportunities of different types.

VividFaith will include more than student missionary and long-term International Service Employee (ISE) openings. For example, VividFaith will have opportunities that can be done remotely such as creating a website for an entity in another country, volunteering in a school for an hour every week, and group projects that include non- Adventists in the community. 

Social networking focused on missions. 

Similar to FaceBook but focused on missions, VividFaith’s social networking platform is where users can share their mission experiences with others, network for support, resources, and ideas, and also inspire others into mission service. 

Crowdfunding and promotional services.

People in mission service through VividFaith can raise some funds and receive in-kind donations for their projects on VividFaith’s crowdfunding platform. Also available will be some marketing services to highlight select projects. 

Whether serving far away for years at a time or meeting an occasional need in a local community, VividFaith affirms every act of Christlike living—for the Grace that saves us also empowers and calls us to live and serve as Jesus did. 

VividFaith is now accepting applications from organizations with mission opportunities to post. 

To apply, organizations must be either Adventist Church-owned or members of NAD ASI (Adventist Laymen’s Services). [

When VividFaith has populated its database with at least 100 assignments, the app will be available for download for iOS and Android devices. The details of the app release date will be shared through another news release.