Moments after the baptisms in the city of Trujillo. [Photo: UPN Communications]

South America

Adventist Church in Peru Celebrates Over 5,000 Baptisms

People who have accepted faith and hope in Christ are the result of a church committed to mission.

Peru | Thais Suarez

Thousands of evangelism centers, located in homes, sports fields, coliseums, and schoolyards, among other places, were the main sites where the Adventist Church in northern Peru shared the Word of God, allowing the seed of faith to spread throughout the world.

Throughout the northern region of the country, Adventists developed an evangelstic series titled "The Last Victory", which included nights dedicated to evangelism and the active participation of the church. As a result, 5,048 people were baptized and are now preparing to become disciples of Christ, through a program known as "Growing in Christ", where the church will be responsible for caring for, preparing, and guiding each person.

During the evangelistic series, local church commitment was paramount and evident in bringing those interested in learning more about the Bible as the event reached over 70 thousand people in cities throughout northern Peru such as Chiclayo, Cajamarca, Trujillo, Tarapoto, Callao, and Lima.

"By observing social networks, I have been able to confirm the commitment of the church in the Northern Peruvian Union (administrative headquarters of the Adventist Church for the north of the country), where Pastor Bullón accompanied for a week and the church was present with the candidates. In this way, we thank God for the great movement that has taken place in the local church in the countryside, throughout the Northern Peruvian Union during Holy Week. Glory to God for the great triumphs of the cross this end of the week!" said Pastor Daniel Montalván, leader of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in northern Peru.

Likewise, event organizers also emphasized the participation of younger generations through evangelism centers for children, where teachers dedicated their time, talents, and resources to make each night a special experience for the young attendees by dynamically transmitting biblical stories and Jesus' message for them.

The original article was published on the South American Division Spanish website.