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Adventist Church in Armenia Celebrates Three Baptisms

On January 21, 2023, church and community members gathered in an Adventist Church in Vanadzor to witness the baptismal event.

Russia | Armenian Mission Information Department

On January 21, the church in Vanadzor, Armenia, held a joint baptism. Three people made a covenant with God—two from the Vanadzor congregation and one from the Dilijan congregation.

Many guests from non-Adventist congregations were in attendance that day, as well as brothers and sisters from neighboring congregations. One of those being baptized was a mother who had lost her son in the war. The first time the pastor and his wife visited her, they were participating in an ADRA project aimed at helping those families affected by war. After that first meeting, there were several more visits and telephone conversations with her. God touched this woman's heart, and she decided to come to church. She attended church for over a year and then made the decision to be baptized.

The baptismal service was held in a solemn atmosphere. Pastor Gagik Badalyan, president of the Armenian Mission, also participated in the service. After the service was over, congratulations and words of encouragement, a generous meal, and fellowship in an informal setting awaited all. Praise God for all the blessings He showers on His church!

The original article was published on the Euro-Asia Division Russian-language news site.