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ADRA Czech Republic Celebrates 30th Anniversary by Helping Ukrainians

"Our organization alone raised over 100 million crowns [4.2 million Euros] in a public collection."

Czech Republic | ADRA Europe

In 2022, ADRA Czech Republic celebrated its 30th anniversary. Radomír Špinka, the director, reflected on the work done in a New Year’s message, where he praised the united Czech nation in solidarity with Ukraine.

The Czech office of the humanitarian organization ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) was founded 30 years ago when Europe was shaken by a tragic event: the war in former Yugoslavia. “Unfortunately, our 30th year of operation was again marked by war in Europe. ADRA was able to help the people affected by the conflict in Ukraine very quickly, thanks to our generous donors, supporters, and volunteers. In this unprecedented situation, we could support people who remained in the conflict-torn country and those who left to seek safety beyond its borders, including the Czech Republic,” Špinka reminisced.

Špinka praised the willingness to help, which, according to him, united the Czech nation during challenging moments. “People sent hundreds of millions of crowns to non-profit organizations. Our organization alone raised over 100 million crowns [4.2 million euros] in a public collection,” he added.

ADRA Czech Republic brought necessities and food to Ukraine, evacuated people to safety, helped rebuild destroyed homes, and provided financial assistance to those who had lost everything. In the Czech Republic, their volunteer centers helped thousands of people.

“On our 30th birthday, I hope we will continue to succeed together in helping people in need to enjoy a better future. Thank you for being there for others, and I wish you a blessed 2023,” Špinka said as he concluded the New Year’s message.

The original version of this story was posted on the Inter European Division website.