ADRA Chile and USAID staff delivering a hygiene kit. [Photo Credit: ADRA Chile]

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ADRA Chile Delivers More than 280 Hygiene Kits in the Ñuble Region, Together with the USAID Agency

In a strategic alliance with USAID, ADRA Chile delivers hygiene kits to the most vulnerable families in the Ñuble region.

Chile | Emilly Silva

The global humanitarian organization ADRA, in Chile, often carries out projects to assist vulnerable communities, delivering food aid. However, especially this year, since June, it has developed an important social aid movement with the aim of delivering hygiene kits to the neediest families in the Ñuble region.

This action was possible thanks to the availability of volunteer students from the Adventist University of Chile, who helped by unloading the products and implements and putting together the 284 kits that were delivered in the area.

“This hygiene kit project began with the purchases and the transfer of the products from Santiago to Chillán, where we had the opportunity to work with students from the Adventist University who helped us to unload. And also the next day, they helped us to assemble the 284 kits. We managed to do this in record time—four hours—so we are very grateful,” said Javier Catalán, National Emergency Coordinator.

To continue advancing in this challenge, the non-profit entity, belonging to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, once again in partnership with the Office of Humanitarian Affairs of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in a strategic way, has been adding efforts to achieve the realization of all its actions.

“USAID is an agency of the United States embassy for emergency and humanitarian aid. So in this context, our collaborative and strategic partner is USAID. We are happy because, for a long time, a positive alliance has been made so that these aids can reach all types of people and populations. It is in this case where USAID donated the money to ADRA so that we could buy hygiene kits and thus help different communities and localities in our country,” highlighted Aarón Castillo, ADRA Chile national director.

Mariela Chavarriga, responsible for USAID BHA programs in Chile, also commented on this alliance: “For USAID BHA, ADRA is a strategic partner, and it is a much-loved partner. We have worked together on a number of projects to alleviate somehow the effects that this pandemic is having on communities—especially in those sectors with the poorest resources—but also prepare in some way for an early recovery when this pandemic ends."

These kits were delivered to families belonging to the communes of Chillán, Chillán Viejo, Bulnes, Ninhue, and Coelemu. Mercedes Sandoval was one of the beneficiaries in the Coelemu commune, and with emotion, she thanked them for this support: “I thank the ADRA company that came to visit us and brought us this help. I am very grateful to receive this because we never expected it. I am the happiest woman to meet you.”

Currently, ADRA Chile maintains different humanitarian projects in development, all with the objective of fulfilling its mission, which is to serve humanity, so that everyone can live as God planned, and improve the quality of life of all people, especially families and women, In the most vulnerable communities.

It should be remembered that, if you want to be a volunteer for ADRA Chile or support with a donation of any kind, you can visit the institution's website:

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site