Alajuela, Costa Rica | IAD Staff

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Costa Rica is providing assistance to hundreds of affected families after Tropical Storm Nate hit the Central American country. The storm, which hit on Oct. 5, 2017, took the lives of more than two dozen people. It also caused widespread flooding, resulting in mudslides and the destruction of roads, bridges, and homes. Thousands of people were displaced.

The government reported that 42 roads were damaged across seven provinces, and more than 7,200 persons stayed in shelters. Nate hit the country after two straight weeks of heavy rainfall.

ADRA Costa Rica and its church member volunteers provided food baskets to 550 families in the provinces of Guanacaste and Puntarenas, some of the worst-hit areas in the northern and southern regions of the country, reported Samuel Wiltshire, ADRA Costa Rica director.

“Our volunteers distributed water and food in several communities, thanks to funds released by ADRA Inter-America,” said Wiltshire.

Adventist leaders in the North Costa Rica Mission appealed to church members and the general public for non-perishable items and cleaning supplies hours after the storm hit. Dozens of families were assisted after collections came in from different parts of the country, church leaders said.

Local church leaders reported many of its members had their homes damaged by the storm. No major damage was caused to Adventist churches in the region, leaders said.

Nate hit the neighboring countries of Nicaragua and Honduras before heading to the United States.

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