A Sign of Eternal Life in the Blue Lagoon

South Pacific Division

A Sign of Eternal Life in the Blue Lagoon

Kiribati | Taabua Rokeatau/Record staff

In line with the Trans-Pacific Union Mission’s harvesting vision, more than 60 people were baptized into the Adventist Church in Kiribati in July, including students from Kauma Adventist High School.

According to Kiribati Mission president, Pastor Taabua Rokeatau, the focus for this year was on friendship evangelism. “Friendship evangelism, merged with the farming cycle initiative, is the strategy. [We are] sharing the good news through the commitment of the members of the church and integrated programs from the mission level to the local churches.”

As part of this friendship evangelism model, a major focus in Kiribati this year has been the act of following up with Hope Radio listeners and also conducting Bible studies with those who were interested in previous evangelistic campaigns.

“Reports already confirmed that there are so many interests who are in need of Bible studies, after listening [to] Hope Radio,” explained Pastor Rokeatau. “The radio has done its part to spread the good news; now it’s the work of the church leaders with church members and ministers to do the watering.”

Due to the limited number of ordained pastors in Kiribati, their two most senior pastors have been appointed to conduct baptisms in the outer islands.

“I thought I just came to conduct the baptism, but not knowing that there are some people here [who] also need Bible studies,” said Pastor Taraitoi Uriam, a senior pastor of the Kiribati Mission, who spends time doing Bible studies on the southern island of Kiribati, before conducting baptisms on Sabbaths.

This article was originally published on the website of Adventist Record