Dr Gilbert Cangy (right) with Avondale University church associate pastor Morgan Vincent, who is partnering with Dr Cangy in the development of the centre. [Credit: Adventist Record]
Australia | Tracey Bridcutt

The new South Pacific Division (SPD) Centre for Discipleship will be a space for people to explore God’s unique purpose for their lives, according to Dr. Gilbert Cangy, centre director.

The centre is being designed to foster and support the SPD’s vision for a thriving disciple-making movement. The centrepiece will be an immersive, experiential, practical training program known as Catalyst. The three-month program will be held at Avondale University, commencing in the second semester of 2023.

“Catalyst will be designed for individuals to come to terms with and pursue God’s kingdom purpose for them. In other words, ‘What will their discipleship experience look like?’” Dr. Cangy said.

“Portable and modular versions of Catalyst will be taken to the grassroots in conferences, regions, and churches, upon request. Consideration is also being given to an online approach to Catalyst,” he continued.

Dr. Cangy said other functions of the Centre for Discipleship will include a networking platform for initiatives and resources as well as a repository of the best tools available for pastors, individuals, small groups, and local churches to foster their missional calling.

Conversations are underway to look at ways of creating synergy between Avondale University’s theology department and the new centre.

Dr. Cangy said, “The centre will take an intergenerational approach, and its initial focus will be Australia and New Zealand.

“The plan is for all those who complete training to be part of a discipleship ecosystem in terms of coaching/mentoring, with possibilities of placements ranging from local churches to overseas mission.

“I am excited at the prospect of creating a space for our people to explore and embrace what they have always been looking for: God’s unique purpose for their lives.”

For more information on the Centre for Discipleship, go to catalyst.c4d.au/.

The original version of this story was posted on the South Pacific Division website.