General Conference

News in Brief

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA | Compiled by ANN Staff

U nited States: Pacific Press Mourns Deaths

Nampa, Idaho ... [Warren Gough/ANN] Ross Lauterbach, vice president and chief financial officer at the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Pacific Press Publishing Association in Nampa, Idaho, and his wife Joyce, died in an auto accident near their home on July 6. The couple was returning home from church services.

“Ross and Joyce will be greatly missed as our friends and for their dedication to the work of the church,” said Bob Kyte, president of Pacific Press. Ross Lauterbach, who served the church in many different roles before coming to Pacific Press 14 years ago, “has given exemplary service and has made an outstanding contribution to the success and mission of Pacific Press” added Kyte. “Words are inadequate to express the sense of loss we feel at the passing of Ross and Joyce.”

England: Methodists and Anglicans Move to Strengthen Ties

London, England ... [ANN Staff]  Leaders of England’s Methodists and Anglicans approved a plan July 9 to establish a closer relationship between the two denominations, reports Ecumenical News International. The so-called “covenant proposal,” has been likened by church officials to an “engagement with both partners working at removing obstacles to the marriage.” The covenant plan has been referred to the rank and file of each group for discussion and comments, and will come back for reconsideration by the national leadership of each group next year.

Chilean Youth Help in Flood Relief

Santiago, Chile ... [ASN Chile/ANN] More than 300 Seventh-day Adventist young people spent June 16 offering their help to the central Chilean community of Hill, which had been devastated by storms and floods over the preceding month. The young people distributed food, clothes, mattresses, bedspreads, shoes and diapers; organized a program of recreation for the children; and gave seminars on hygiene and health to storm victims. The project was an initiative of the Youth Ministries department of the Adventist Church in the Metropolitan Region. Organizers say the experience was “an excellent opportunity to help out” and one they hope to repeat in the near future.

Lay Festival a First for Cameroon

Younde, Cameroon ... [Jean Emmanuel Nlo Nlo/ANN] The first Festival of the Laity to be held in Younde, Cameroon, has drawn more than 500 Seventh-day Adventist lay delegates from six countries of central Africa. Delegates shared their experiences and gave testimonies. They also participated in training seminars for more effective witness and outreach in preparation for Go One Million—the world church’s initiative to train and equip 1 million people for witness before the world church Session in July 2005.