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#Brazil, Adventist Bible reading initiative tops Twitter Monday

Revived by His Word was launched in April, now journalists weigh in

Brasília, Brazil | Felipe Lemos/SAD/ANN

T he Seventh-day Adventist Church’s worldwide initiative to encourage daily Bible study was a top trending topic on Twitter for a couple hours yesterday.

The Twitter hashtag #RPSP – the acronym for “Revived by His Word” in Portuguese and Spanish – topped Trend Topic Brazil, the official index of the most widely-discussed topics among Twitter’s Brazilian users.

The Revived By His Word project launched in April with the objective of motivating people to read a chapter of the Bible every day until 2015, when Adventists will hold their international church business session. The plan is for session delegates, representing more than 17 million members worldwide, to read the final chapters together in a grand finale.

The idea of registering the suggested chapters for reading through Twitter every day arose spontaneously among Internet/Web users.

According to Monday’s records, online users accessed the micro blogging site to discuss what struck them most about the day’s selected chapter – Exodus 34. Twitterer @silva_ton wrote, "Exodus 34, our lives and our testimonies should reflect that Christ is our Lord and the center of our lives. Worship and fellowship! #RPSP". User @christianesst quoted verbatim one of the verses: "I will put my laws into their minds and write it in their hearts, and be their God and they shall be my people" Heb. 8:10 #RPSP.

There are daily messages written in Portuguese, and some in Spanish, offering evidence of the international character of the project.

Journalist Michelson Borges (@criacionismo) created a virtual version of the "Bible Tweets" with various comments on a chapter. "I want the world to know how good it is to read the Word of God every day. It's good for me and I want the same good for others," he wrote.

Pastor Jael Aeneas (@jaeleneas), left his thoughts on Exodus 34, too. "Twitter interacts and strengthens our sense of belonging. God revealed distinctive truths when our pioneers came to the Bible. I believe in this," he tweeted.

With a certain membership of 1.3 million, Brazil likely has the most Seventh-day Adventists of any country.

For more details about the project visit www.reavivamentoereforma or follow the Twitter hashtag #RPSP. As of July 10, hashtag #RPSP was still trending in Brazil.