Simultaneous Evangelism Leads to a Massive Baptism in Central Philippines

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Simultaneous Evangelism Leads to a Massive Baptism in Central Philippines

Over 2,323 individuals embraced Jesus and committed to baptism.

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In a collaborative evangelistic endeavor spearheaded by the Adventist Church in Central Philippines (CPUC), Adventist World Radio’s (AWR) Center for Digital Evangelism (CDE), and the Nurture Discipleship Reclamation Integrated Evangelism Lifestyle (NDR/IEL), a significant milestone was reached as more than 2,323 individuals embraced Jesus and committed to baptism.

The Adventist World Radio Center for Digital Evangelism, in collaboration with churches throughout the Central Philippines, orchestrated concurrent gatherings aimed at spreading the message of the gospel. These gatherings included health seminars, family enrichment discussions, and Bible prophecy seminars, providing comprehensive avenues for spiritual growth and community engagement.

Aligned with AWR's mission to catalyze eternal transformation and in solidarity with the "I Will Go" initiative—an overarching strategic emphasis within the global Seventh-day Adventist community from 2020 to 2025, prioritizing evangelism—the enthusiastic response from the newly baptized individuals signifies a significant milestone in achieving this collective vision.

In his address to all leaders under his guidance, Pastor Joer Barlizo, president of the Adventist Church in Central Philippines, emphasized that the success of this initiative hinges on the Total Member Involvement (TMI) of every church member. He urged them to imbue a sense of urgency in sharing the gospel message throughout this region.

Furthermore, in expressing his gratitude to Adventist World Radio (AWR) for their invaluable support and collaboration, which significantly contributed to this remarkable achievement, he remarked, "Participating in the success of this great commission fills me with awe. No words could adequately convey my gratitude to the author of this accomplishment, to AWR CDE’s unwavering contribution, and to all the brethren who dedicated their efforts to this particular vineyard."

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