SAD 101 SAD 101 National missionary project unites adults and children in Paraguay

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National missionary project unites adults and children in Paraguay

Acts 29 is a project of the Adventist Church in Paraguay that involves different departments to carry out missionary actions in the months of June and July.

Paraguay | Sheyla Paiva

S eventh-day Adventists in Paraguay continue to carry out evangelistic activities in 2020, despite the challenges of a global pandemic and quarantine. The Church there recently launched “Acts 29,” a project designed to carry forward the outreach of the first Christians, as described in the biblical book of Acts, to the present day.

Adventist Church departments of Personal Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, and radio/TV network Nuevo Tiempo Paraguay are involved in the eight-week project. 

Acts 29 aims to mobilize the entire Church membership, regardless of age, to continue fulfilling the mission of preaching the gospel. For this, each participant will receive spiritual development and personal evangelism training, with an eye towards reaching their communities.

First up was an online “Week of Prayer” for young adults. From Wednesday, June 24 to Saturday, June 27, the Youth Ministry led the meetings with a theme of “All for Him.” Every evening, at 7:00 p.m., the northern, southern, central, and northeastern regions of Paraguay were connected to the broadcast.

Pastor Héberson Licar, Youth Ministry leader of the Adventist Church in Paraguay, spoke each night, sharing messages regarding salvation, eternal life and transformation. 

“The leaders of the Youth Ministry are happy and involved in carrying out this special series,” Licar said. “Also, we see that the youth of the Adventist Church in Paraguay are actively participating in this spiritual activity. We thank God for the commitment of our young people,” he said. 

Young adults of all ages were engaged in the week of prayer and ready to participate in the “Acts 29” outreach.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Spanish site